Patients Say

QuoteDawn's treatments provide more than effective relief of muscular holding patterns.  Her calm and encouraging approach creates a welcoming, healing environment that makes me want to stay longer.

Yvonne B. Poulin, R.M.T.

QuoteI have issues with pain and limited movement in my joints because of many years of physical labour and injuries.  I was very fortunate to discover Sonia when I moved to Parksville.  She has used her extensive knowledge of anatomy and her massage techniques to restore much of my mobility and reduce my nerve pain substantially.  It has been so effective that my doctor has prescribed Sonia’s massage as an effective treatment without the use of drugs.
I recommend Sonia Brown to anyone who needs therapeutic massage!

Peter V Russell, Parksville

QuoteDawn Carpenter has been both mine and my husbands massage therapist for some years.  Would highly recommend her massage treatments as she is both professional and calming to be with.  Definitely takes the time to know you and your needs and listens to your requests, and she will advise on what you can do for yourself too!

Jennifer Power

QuoteFor me Sonia has been so good - caring, and professional.  I am so much better off coping with the pain and discomfort involved in my back and leg.  Also her counsel and wonderful sense of humour regarding ideas about healthy living and eating are really appreciated.  Thank you Sonia!

Brian Wile

QuoteDawn is a highly skilled, experienced massage therapist who applies just the right amount of tender care and attention to the most painful or overtaxed areas of the body.  She is adept at handling complex injuries, whether they stem from a recent car accident, pregnancy, or just everyday wear and tear.  But besides her exceptional healing gifts, Dawn’s warm, calming approach is a form of therapy in itself.  Since she moved from the lower mainland last summer, she is sorely missed.  The only consolation might be to imagine just how much Dawn's new clients on Vancouver Island will appreciate and benefit from her treatments.

Dana Tye Rally

QuoteI have lymphedema and some arm and shoulder issues resulting from breast cancer surgeries.  I began seeing Sonia when I moved to Parksville a couple of years ago, specifically because of her expertise in the area of breast cancer.  I feel increased mobility and less pain after her treatments and find her to be very knowledgeable, personable and professional.  She goes the extra mile to offer suggestions and tips for me to incorporate to keep myself as well as possible between treatments.

Donna, Parksville